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Why become a Kama?

Increase your income

100s of nearby jobs available. Earn in addition to your existing work.

Improve your skills

Grow professionally. Kamay invests on your training and certification

Earn prestige

Work in a structure which provides you safety, security and respect.


Prerequisite for applying as a Kama (worker)


You should be 18 years and above.

Valid NIC

You should be a Pakistani national with valid National Identity Card (NIC).

No criminal record

You should not have any criminal record.

Relevant skills

You should have experience and interest in skills being offered as service.


It is preferred you have a smartphone or know how to use it.


You will go through multiple screening and documentation steps as per standard Kamay policy

How to get started

Kamay believes in adding honest, hardworking and motivated pool of workers. For this, we take our applicants through a number of steps.


Create an account as a Kama on our website or mobile app.


Successfully complete steps like interview, background check, documentation and training.

Start work

If you qualify, your Kama account will be activated, and you can find instant work.

Our Kama Safety is Our Priority

We care about our Kama safety.


Every kama gets assigned a supervisor who mentors, manages and helps in troubleshooting.

Panic button

Kamay (workers) can alert our helpline for action in case of any emergency.

GPS Tracking

Our Kama location is tracked for their and customers’ safety.


All our Kamay have travel insurance to protect them while commuting.

Customer rating

Kama also rates a customer. This helps us in managing their experience.


Kamay Helpline provides a 24/7 access to workers and customers for any kind of assistance.

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